In the 80 's, Nike products began to enter the field of track and field from the ordinary people's home (especially a teenager). Nike must try to expand the appeal of Nike's ads without losing the traditional sports market, so Nike must be the same as the Levi's brand (the designer of the jeans brand of jeans, Levy Strauss, the inventor of the brand), as a part of youth culture and identity. Nike is in two completely different markets, and the problem is how to get the balance and consistency in the adaptation of the popular awareness and awareness of sports achievement. Nike has begun to rethink its advertising strategy.

In 1986 a propaganda nike air insole advertising is a real breakthrough, in AD Nike Company with a new creative instead of using blindly promotional products technical performance and advantages of the usual way, but by the representative and symbol of the hippies of the famous Beatles played the famous song "revolution", in the rebellion of rhythm, melody, a group wearing Nike products Americans as crazy as drunk were exercise,... This ad is precisely to cater to the emerging trend of the fitness movement and the transformation of the wind and the times, let feel refreshing. Nike company has been used as the main advertising media, the main advertising media, to convey the product information, but since then, the TV ads become Nike's main spokesman, this initiative makes Nike ads more adapted to the new development of its product market.

Nike Company to expand the market first breakthrough is the youth market, the consumers in the market have some common characteristics: love sports, reverence heroes, make track for a star consciousness strongly, hope respected, active thinking, rich imagination and full of dreams. According to this feature of young consumers, Nike have with some famous and popular sports star signed such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Drogba, Ronaldinho, Torres, Fabregas, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Robinho, Sergio Aguero. And produced many imaginative advertising, such as 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Promo "kicked out of legend" premiered on May 22, the Champions League final.

The name NIKE, in Western eyes is very lucky, but also easy and easy to read, can call loudly. cheap Nike air max 90 brand is a symbol of the Greek goddess of victory in the wings of the feathers, representing the speed, but also represents a dynamic and gentle. Nike Nike trademark, logo is a small hook, simple and powerful, sharp as lightning, a look at the speed and explosive force generated after the use of Nike sports products. For the first time in the name of "Nike" sports shoes, the soles of the shoes have a square to enhance the stability of the shoe body, the side of the body with a knife shaped curved hook, a symbol of the goddess of the wing.